S.H.F. Computers expertise is based on a combination of leadership and accumulated Know-how in 
a wide range of fields. S.H.F. Computers introduces you to technological developments that can
optimize your industrial performance. Our experts help define your needs and adapt your capabilities. 
We will design, implement and test your systems and applications, and follow through with dedicated support. Our team of experts is made up of permanent employees who work together for many years.
For us our clients satisfaction is most important, that is why we go above and beyond to complete our projects on time and on budget, and we know that excellence is achieved through commitment, creativity, and quality.


For over 30 years S.H.F. Computers has been involved in many different projects 
for different companies both in Israel and over the world.
Our key personnel comprises of:
Mr. Gideon Lefeber - President & CEO

Mr. Reuven Goldblat - Chief Technology Officer

Mr. Aharon Levy - S.H.F Chief Software engineer

Dr. Leonid Sternberg - Senior Software developer and team leader

Mr. Haim Kurz - System engineer